Our main products include speaker, buzzer,microphone, receiver and others,which are mainly used in medical equipment, automotive instrumentation, automotive electronics, security, notebook computers,

  • Impedance: 8, 16, 32 ohm
  • Nominal Power: 0.15 w
  • Maximum Power: 0.25 w
  • Resonance Frequency(Fo): 350 Hz
  • Response: 200~5KHz
  • S.P.L:: 91±2,85±2,80±2 dB
  • Height: 2.5 mm


speakers, buzzers,speakers, buzzers,

Mylar speaker, a kind of loudspeaker.Miniaturization is one of the mainstream trends in the development of loudspeaker nowadays.

Small size and light quality microloudspeaker provide consumers with good hearing enjoyment

DXI20N-B has passed ISO900 and ROSH certification

The advantage of DXI20N-B is its high sound and Smooth sound quality,Ultra-thin volume,

SPI high,Special requirements can be customized.

DXI20N-B are widely used in , mobile phones, GPS, armarium, automobile and electronic utensils.

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